Daddy Begins Singing Classic. Baby’s Comeback Is Melting Everyone’s Heart

There are not enough words to sum up the beautiful relationship that forms between a father and his child. From the first moment he gets to hold his baby in his arms, a man is never the same. Nothing and no one matters more than that tiny little being in your arms.
This is why the talented dad in the video below decided to give his son the chance to listen to him do a rendition of “You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby” while no one else was in the room with them.
The baby is still too young to clap, but judging by his reaction, he clearly enjoyed listening to his dad’s beautiful performance.
And dad’s sweet performance hasn’t gone unnoticed online. People from all over the world have enjoyed watching this precious interaction between them two.
People online seemed quite fond of the song itself and congratulated dad for his choice. In case you were wondering, “You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby” was written all the way back in 1938 by Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer. This means the song is almost eight decades old.
If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, then I don’t know what will.

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