Daddy Wants Her To Say ‘Papa,’ Her Comeback Instead Is Lighting Up The Internet

There is no sound in the world more enjoyable than the sound of a baby laughing, especially if it’s your baby. When a baby laughs, you can’t help but be overcome with joy and happiness. If you ask me, it’s the ultimate mood booster, because there is no way that you can watch a baby laugh and feel sad.
Well, if a mood booster is something you need just about now, then you are in luck because the adorable baby in the video below takes laughter to a whole new level. The baby girl was enjoying a nice “ride” on the back of his dad when the man decided to record the walk.
And we are definitely glad he did. That’s because the little girl was in a great mood and couldn’t stop smiling and laughing while enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful nature. To further encourage this, dad started making funny noises himself that cracked up his little girl.
It’s always nice to say dads bond with their children and have fun together, so make sure to share this beautiful interaction with all of your friends and family online. That being said, go ahead and hit play and get ready to laugh!

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