Darci Lynne Sings Cowboy Duet with Puppet, 90 Seconds in They Start Yodeling and The Audience’s Jaws Drop

Darci Lynne Farmer was this year’s America’s Got Talent big winner, and in case you still have some doubts that she might not have fully deserved the title, then you definitely need to check out the video below.
In it, Darci proves once more that she has skills that one would never expect to see coming from someone her age. Although she is not even old enough to go to high school, Darci has managed to impress the world with her amazing ventriloquism abilities.
Darci recently made an appearance on Steve Harvey’s “Little Big Shots” where she put on a show and made everyone fall in love with her all over again. For those of you who don’t already know this, Darci discovered her passion for puppets ever since she was a little girl.
Since then, she’s been practicing relentlessly to perfect her craft. It’s safe to say that her skills will only improve from now on, although she’s already set a pretty high bar for herself. If she keeps this up, winning the big title at AGT will be most likely be regarded as nothing more but a footnote in her career.
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