Doctors send girl home to die peacefully in her own bed. Miracle happens when she sees ‘Jesus’

Whether you are a religious person or not, it’s hard to deny that some things are just impossible to explain using reason and science. Some experiences go beyond what our minds can comprehend, and they need to be felt, not explained.
Brittany Backenhaster was an energetic, full of life child who loved singing in church. Although she was only three-years-old, she knew Bible scripture and had a special relationship with God. She was playful, and led a healthy and happy life.
That all changed, though, when her mom found her on the floor shaking and gurgling one day. Brittany was having a grand mal seizure and her parents immediately rushed her to the hospital. There, more bad news followed.
The little girl was diagnosed with epilepsy; a condition Jamie knew way too well. Brittany mom has it herself, and she took comfort in the thought that Brittany will be able to keep it under control with medication and be just fine.
But it wasn’t that way. In fact, soon after Brittany Backenhaster was sent home to die peacefully in her own bed. As she lay unconscious, Jesus Christ paid her a visit. See how the experienced changed her life.

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