This is why you don’t mess with a Rhino when it’s eating

If there’s one thing you should learn by watching the video below, that is that you should never mess with a rhino while it’s eating. Nobody likes to be bothered when they are taking dinner, and this rhino makes no exception.
Incredible footage shows a white rhino viciously attack a warthog that dared to come between him and his dinner.
White rhinoceros are not typically as aggressive as black rhinos. However, they are still more than capable to seriously harm creatures that come too close and invade their personal space. This warthog definitely crossed the line, and the rhino made sure he paid the price for it.
The rhino reaction is surely one of the most violent animal reactions I’ve seen so far.
It’s safe to say the poor warthog learned a tough lesson the hard way. I can’t help but feel sorry for that poor fellow.
I have to warn you that these images are extremely violent and may not be suitable for all audiences. You’re probably never going to be able to look at rhinos at the zoo quite the same ever again.
These are not the kind of images that can easily be forgotten.

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