Dozens of Soldiers Line Up in Unison, But Watch as Man On Far Left Jumps Up In The Air

If you’ve ever had a chance to watch a military parade in real-life, then you know how impressive it is to see all those soldiers move as one. But what the incredible Royal Thai Navy soldiers in the video below are able to do definitely takes things to a whole new level.
Their routine started off with the basic marching in place routine, but as the music switched from Disney’s “It’s A Small World” to Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” the soldiers surprised everyone with their unusual choreography.
Generally speaking, military-style performances are high-energy ones that include fast movement, so the fact that this one includes super-slow effects definitely makes it stand out from the rest. Of course, this is the result of extensive training. The techniques behind synchronized military performances such as this one require tough training, as well as great discipline and months of practice. Once a move is repeated enough, it pretty much becomes second nature to the soldier who executed it.
So every single member of the contingent has to work extremely hard to reach this level of perfection as any mistake will immediately be noticed, but the result is definitely worth it. Check it out:

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