Dr. Carol Foster in Colorado has a way to help those who suffer from vertigo

An increasing number of people from across the world are diagnosed with vertigo, a condition that manifests itself through extreme dizziness, nausea and headaches. People who suffer from Vertigo often have a difficult time leading a normal life.
Even common tasks like making breakfast or getting dressed in the morning seem impossible to do when your head is spinning and you feel dizzy. “It like having the worst hangover pretty much every single day, without drinking a sip of alcohol,” said a patient suffering from Vertigo.
So what exactly causes these debilitating symptoms?
According to specialists, the most common cause has to do with a problem with the inner ear. The condition can be detected through a special test. But how about treatment? Well, despite the severe symptoms, treating Vertigo is pretty straightforward.
A few simple balance exercises can eliminate the symptoms almost instantly. There have already been millions of people from across the world who have tried this method with excellent results.
Dr. Carol Foster in Colorado has shared a simple fix to help people who suffer from Vertigo in a short video that has already been watched millions of times. If you know someone who has this condition, you need to share this clip with them:

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