Dresser Collapses On His 2-Year-Old Twin Brother, But Mom Can’t Hear Him Crying

Looking at the images below will make anybody cringe. If you’re a parent, it’s like seeing your worst nightmare caught on video. But all parents need to see this, as it a sobering reminder of the hidden dangers of falling furniture.
The clip shows two brothers playing together just like any other toddlers their age. But as they are playing near a dresser that hasn’t been properly secured to the wall, the piece of furniture collapses to the ground, trapping one of the boys underneath it. The scene is very hard to look at, but you have to see what happens next.
As his brother is crying under the toppled dresser that is crushing him, the other twin does the unthinkable. The little boy managed to push the heavy dresser off of his brother and free him. Luckily, none of the boys were seriously injured and managed to get away with just a scare.
The video showing the entire scene was captured by the family’s surveillance system. The boys’ parents decided to make the footage public to warn other parents that something like this could also happen to them.
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