Are you drinking enough water? Here are 9 common signs of dehydration

How many times did you feel thirsty today? More time than you can remember? Don’t worry, it happens to most of us. We forget to drink water, and by the time we experience that sensation of thirst, our bodies are already dehydrated.
The human body is composed of roughly 60% water, which means that when you are well hydrated you are able to concentrate better, have more energy and also be less cranky. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits drinking more water has on your body.
You have better skin, you lose water, you look more alive and feel more prepared to take care of everyday tasks. It’s important that you do your best to not get dehydrated throughout the day. Just pay attention to your body.
The human body is very efficient at sending out warning signs alerting us that we need to check our fluid levels ASAP. When you experience these symptoms, you know you have to regulate your water intake and restore the balance in your body.
Check out the video below to learn what are some of the most common symptoms associated with not drinking enough water.

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