Drone Flies Over Ocean. Captures Rare Footage That’s Leaving Everyone in Awe

Humpback whales are not only some of the most impressive animals in the world, size-wise, but they are also some of the most intelligent creatures as well. Their incredible intelligence becomes obvious if we take a minute to look at the way these large animals hunt and feed.
For some species, it’s a team effort. Whales operate together in collaborative groups using sophisticated team oriented hunting methods that are meant to isolate and capture food.
There are many different hunting methods that humpback whales employ to capture prey, and one of the most spectacular to watch is a technique called bubble net feeding.
During this feeding process, one or several humpback whales blow a ring of bubbles from their blowholes. This is meant to create a circle around a school of krill or fish and basically trap them inside.
Then, the whales simply swim with their mouth open and go on a feeding fury. It’s pretty clever, isn’t? And it proves that these magnificent creatures can not only strategize but also work together to execute a plan.
This incredible footage was recorded off the coast of Alaska, and it will most likely take your breath away. Nature is amazing, there is no doubt about that.

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