Elderly Man Sits Down at Goodwill Piano, Leaves Shoppers in Tears with His Impromptu Performance

Whether we like to admit it or not, many of us tend to judge others and form an impression solely based on appearances. But people aren’t always what they seem, and the elderly man in the video below is a living example of that.
The man put on an incredible show using a Goodwill piano and his incredible skills, and his performance left all the shoppers in the store breathless. The man was wearing a plain T-shirt and a common pair of jeans, but there was nothing plain or common about his piano performance.
That contrast between his appearance and his display of talent is what made most people in the store want to pull out their phones and record everything. One of the employees at Goodwill later shared the clip on Facebook with a caption that read: “This gifted gentleman just walked into my store and moved me to tears! Listen for yourself. Only at Norwalk Goodwill, in Norwalk, Ohio.”
No one knows much else about this incredible gentleman, but his talent speaks for itself. So go ahead and take a couple of minutes out of your busy day to enjoy this. As always, we encourage you to share as well.

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