Elderly Woman Sits Down to Play Street Piano, And It Sounds Straight from Heaven

True talent doesn’t have age, nor does it require a huge stage to shine through, and the extraordinary woman in the video below definitely proves it!
Natalie is an extremely talented piano player in Melbourne, and in this clip, you can see her perform one of the beautiful pieces she has composed herself. The video was posted by one of Natalie’s surviving sons, and it has already reached more than 1 million views on YouTube alone.
The music is hauntingly beautiful and full of emotion. Life is what inspires Natalie to create this incredible musical works of art. In fact, Natalie actually has an impressive life story that is unfortunately marked by deep sadness.
After her husband left her, Natalie experienced the most devastating thing that can happen to a parent, and lost her two sons. Since then, life has pretty much been a roller-coaster ride for Natalie. At one point during her life, she was even homeless, but luckily, she managed to pick herself back up.
Throughout it all, music remained her refuge, a safe zone where she could express her true self. It’s true that sometimes, great beauty comes from great sadness. Listen to Natalie perform one of her original composition by pressing play.

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