When an entitled rich girl does THIS, the judge drops the hammer

Being in a courtroom at your trial and appearing in front of a judge is not what most people would consider like a fun activity. Still, the lady in the video below who is being charged for drug possession seems to be extremely relaxed when talking to the judge who has the power to dramatically influence her near future.
The young woman has a strangely relaxed attitude, and can’t help but smile when speaking about her valuables. With an attitude that would be more appropriate for a night out with friends rather than courtroom, the young woman talks about her jewelry that is worth “brick of funny.”
Believe it or not, the young woman actually starts acting all giddy when the judge asks her to give an estimate of how much her jewelry is actually worth. The judge, however, doesn’t see anything funny about the situation and he immediately does something to set the woman straight.
It’s pretty obvious that the girl was definitely using something based on her attitude and the way she moved. From her ditzy giggling to her flippant attitude, it’s all likely to go away once the judge makes his sentence.

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