Every mother in Finland puts newborn in a cardboard box

Finland has been named one of the best countries to raise a child, and it’s because the Finish government allocates a lot of resources to ensure the safety and welfare of every baby born in the country.
One of the ways the government gets involved is by helping out moms who might be struggling to provide their babies with the basic items every baby needs during the first months of life.
Every pregnant woman in Finland receives a box filled with things that moms will need to take care of their babies once they give birth. The box, which is provided free of charge, contains a mattress, a blanket, a sleeping bag/quilt, a mattress cover, an undersheet, a teething toy and clothes for the baby.
There are also a few items that will help moms with bath time. The coolest thing about this box, though, is that it actually doubles as a crib. The box is big and firm enough to ensure any baby is able to get a good night’s sleep.
The idea has had so much success, that it’s actually starting to catch on in the United States as well. Watch the video below to get more info:

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