Every Summer My Neighbor Nails Bags of Water to His Door Frame, Now I Do the Same

Summer is the favorite season of most people – and it’s really no surprise why. The days seem longer, the weather is nice, the sunshine is shining, and life just seems a little bit easier. You have more free time to spend with your family and the ones you love doing fun activities outdoors together.
There are plenty of reasons to look forward to summer, but there are also some drawbacks that come with the season. One of the most annoying ones has to do with bugs, mosquitos and fireflies coming out to play.
Houseflies and mosquitos can easily ruin your day! Luckily, there is an easy way to get rid of them, and it will cost you close to nothing. This way, you can get back at doing the things you love outside without having to worry about any unwelcomed visitors bothering you.
All you need is a normal sandwich bag, some pennies and some water. Start by filling you bag with water and then simply add the pennies as shown in the video below. Then just seal it up and you are good to go. You can hand these bags to your door frame, and you won’t have to think about nasty mosquitos and bugs for the rest of the summer.

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