Expert DIYer uses a pegboard to organize her home in ways I never expected. Here are some ideas

You may be used to seeing pegboards in craft videos, but there are many different ways you can use them to organize your home. The best thing about pegboards is that they allow you to keep items that your using, be it in your garage, bedroom or kitchen, up on the wall when you can see them.
If you’ve ever needed to find something and spent an entire hour going through every drawer in every room looking for it, then you understand the value of having your things somewhere where you can easily see and reach them.
The DIY expert in the video below will show you a few different ways to use pegboards around your home to store and organize items that would otherwise most likely have ended up in the back of a drawer somewhere.
Pegboard is so easy to use, so you’ll have no trouble putting these ideas into practice as long as you pay close attention to the instructions provided for each project. So if you are ready to clean up some space and organize your room like the adult that you are, all you have to do is hit play.

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