F1 to F12: here’s how the function keys on your keyboard can save you tons of time

If you only use the computer to watch cat videos and argue with strangers online, then chances are you’re not going to need to know what the function keys on your keyboard actually do. But the reality is most of us go online and use our laptops to also get some work done.
In this case, knowing some shortcuts can definitely come in handy and can help you save tons of time, you know, so that you can have more time to watch cat videos and argue with strangers online.
The expert in the video below shares a few super useful, time saving and efficient shortcuts from F1 to F12 keys. For instance, did you know that F1 hey can be used to open the Help screen for almost any program you can think of? Or that pressing the F3 key opens a search feature for an application that is active at the moment you pressed it?
And these are just two of the functions you can leverage. Remember that the function keys present on the top row of your laptop are not there to gather dust; they actually fulfill different functions, some of which are really useful.
Watch the video below to learn more.

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