In Finland, every newborn baby sleeps in a cardboard box for an incredible reason

Bringing a child into this world is one of the greatest privileges and joys one can experience in this lifetime, but it also comes with tremendous responsibility. Babies rely on their parents for pretty much everything, from food to shelter.
As any parent will tell you, babies and young children are often unpredictable because they are extremely curious and eager to learn more about this brand new world they’ve entered into.
Parents are the ones who have to make sure babies are being kept some from all dangers, and that’s no easy feat, especially if you lack the basic resources needed.
In Finland, all expectant mothers received a box full of goodies meant to help them in the first months after giving birth. Every box includes a mattress, a cozy blanket, a warm sleeping bag/quilt, mattress cover, and under-sheet. Also, the box has a fee other baby essentials such as baby clothes and diapers that all babies need to get a good start in life.
Moreover, the box itself can effectively be used as a crib for the newborn. The Finnish government provides these boxes for free in order to help out new moms and make sure every baby born within the country is safe.

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