Why firefighters are pleading with cell phone users about chargers

Whether you are on the subway train commuting to work or enjoying a nice dinner on a Saturday evening, chances are there’s someone nearby using their phones. Nowadays, most of us can’t even come to imagine what it would be like to go somewhere and not bring our phones with us.
And the truth is that there are a lot of perks that come with our obsession for cellphones. But it’s equally true that there are also certain hidden dangers that we need to be mindful of to avoid unwanted situations in the long run.

The Newton, New Hampshire Fire Department used their Facebook account to raise awareness about the dangers of charging our phones while in bed. We all do it, especially if we charge our mobile devices late in the evening, but as it turns out, this habit of ours can have some pretty serious consequences.
In the images that accompanied the post by the New Hampshire Fire Department, we can see proof that charges and mobile devices can unexpectedly catch on fire, so you never want to be close to your phone when they are charging.
You can learn more about this alarming issue by watching the video below:

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