Flower Girl Scans Aisles For Familiar Face, Now Watch Her Steal The Show At Sight Of The Groom

You may think that being a flower girl is easy, but the truth is that it can be pretty nerve-wreaking. Just think about it: all eyes are on you and the last thing you want is trip or do something that you were not supposed to.
Well, the adorable little girl in the video below is experiencing what it means to be a flower girl for the first time ever, and it’s safe to say she did a wonderful job. Although she is only one years old, she managed to go through with her duties as a flower girl with great success.
In all fairness, those duties mostly consisted of her being adorable as can be. But her looking adorable walking down the aisle is not the main reason this clip went viral. It was the toddler’s reaction to seeing her dad who also happened to be the groom that made people fall in love with this clip.
As soon as she recognized him, the adorable girl who was wearing a cute tutu started running towards her daddy to give him a big hug!
Honestly, it doesn’t get much cuter than this, so make sure to share this with others as well.

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