French Man Confesses Parents Hate His Talent, But Within Moments His Act Had Everyone On Their Feet

There are some who say magic is a lost art, but the talented young men in the video below prove the difference. The French twins showed that magic and technology are actually a match made in heaven and that is possible to bring magic into the 21st century.
During a performance at America’s Got Talent, Tony and Jordan showcased a new different genre of magic that blends magic tricks with digital technology. Using a few props and a special screen strategically placed behind them, they managed to create a whole new universe where nothing seems impossible.
What’s more, their personalities shine as brightly as their talent, which is a major plus in the entertaining business.
Their unique vision and abilities as performers have more than impressed all the member of the jury, as well as the people in the audience. By the end of their performance, everybody was up from their seats, clapping and cheering for them.
These two magicians are taking the wow factor to a whole new level, and it’s truly something you need to see to believe. If you are a big fan of magic, then this is definitely a performance you are not going to want to miss.

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