Gold Digger Surprise Prank!

“Gold Digger Surprise Prank”. This video is about Vitaly`s new prank with an orange Lamborghini owned by an old lady. Vitaly surprised a gold digger by acting like he was a tourist from Iceland who owns a Lamborghini but his real car (Toyota Camry) was parked behind the Lamborghini.
Vitaly always uses a Lamborghini to find girls who are determined to be guided in life only after a man’s wealth. Or so he thinks.
Having proved he could persuade more women to get in the car without saying a word, American comedian born in Russia went to the next level.
In the images they published on his Youtube account, Vitaly appears sitting on the hood of a Lamborghini.He talked to a young woman and persuades her to take her on a tour of the city with him. But when he got in the other modest car the girl changes her mind completely..

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