Grandma Keeps ‘Falling Out Of Wheelchair,’ So She Installs A Camera To See If Nurses Are Lying

A nursing home is supposed to provide the best care and assistance for elderly people who need help performing day to day activities. Many people rely on the services of these institutions to provide the best care for their loves ones. So bruises, black eyes, a busted lip is certainly not anything that people would ever associate with a nursing home.
However, abuse can take place anywhere, anytime. Minnie Graham spent a few years at a nursing home in Garland, Texas. At some point, the woman started complaining about the fact that some of the staff there was treating her in a way they were not supposed to.
Soon after, the woman started getting all these unusual bruises on her body. Understandably concerned about how Minnie was treated, the family went at the nursing home demanding answers. But the staff there insisted that the woman wasn’t being abused in any way. They said the bruises were merely a result of the woman falling out of the wheelchair.
Still, the woman’s family could feel something was not right. So they decided to install a hidden camera in Minnie’s room to see for themselves what was really going on. What the camera captured is absolutely outrageous.

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