Handcuffed teen sees an officer suddenly collapse to the ground, saves officer’s life

When we hear about someone being handcuffed in a police station, it’s easy to assume the worst about that person. We certainly wouldn’t think about said person as being a hero, but we should never hurry up to jump to conclusions and pass on judgements because we might be wrong.
And what’s going on in the video below is the perfect example.
Jamal Rutledge, a 17-year old teen, was arrested and brought in for further investigation at a local police station. He was charged with violence, criminal mischief and burglary by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in Florida. Things were pretty bad for him, but that didn’t stop him to step in and do the right thing.
You see, the young man was waiting in an office for the police officer to finish up his paperwork when suddenly a police officer who was also there collapsed to the ground while reaching for his chest. Because he had the handcuffs on, the only thing Jamal could do was make some noise to get another officer’s attention.
For his gesture, Jamal was hailed a hero. The entire moment was caught on video. Go ahead and take a look:

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