She hands a mama cat abandoned Chihuahua babies, doesn’t expect cat to adopt them as her own

As the adoption coordinator of the SPCA, Debra Cantwell has seen her fair share of dramatic animal rescue operations. She’s witnessed all kinds of touching adoptions, but there’s one story that really stuck with her.
Back in 2014, the SPCA team brought in a pregnant Chihuahua they’ve found wandering the streets. The mom dog gave birth to her babies prematurely, and unfortunately, two of them died at birth. What’s more, mom rejected the other two babies who did make it alive.
Without someone to nurse them, the babies had no chances of surviving. Then is when something incredible happened. Cantwell had the brilliant idea to pass the Chihuahua babies on to a nursing cat that was also at the facility.
Although she knew that the chances of the cat accepting the puppies as her own babies were pretty slim, they hoped the cat’s strong motherly instincts will take over. And that is exactly what happened, and the feline immediately accepted the rejected Chihuahuas as her own babies.

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