He Drips Food Coloring Into A Cup Of Rice, But Magic Happens When He Adds An Egg

In this feature, SurpriseFunTV shows off a fun egg beautifying pack called “Shake it!” It is a fascinating thought with fun results, and you don’t even truly require a unit to do it without anyone’s help at home.

There are various coloring strategies out there: the conventional plunge coloring, wipe spotting, and covering them in bits of silk are all prevalent approaches to do it, yet this is the first occasion when I’ve seen brightening with rice. I simply love the basic results you get and you can be so innovative with this methodology.

Everything you need to reproduce this fun and straightforward thought is: white rice, fluid sustenance shading, and little expendable compartments with covers (in the event that you utilize launderable holders you might never really have the capacity to get the color off).

In the feature, he just does one shading for every egg, except it would be enjoyable to do a multi-hued egg. You could shake it up and spread it as typical and afterward drop it in another shading, or just cover it somewhat before adding another shading to it. You could take a stab at concealing 50% of the egg and shading it and after that doing likewise for the other half with an alternate shading. There truly is a ton you can do with this system. What do you think about these eggs? Is it worth an attempt? Is there something else you would love to attempt with your rice coloring? Impart your considerations in the remarks beneath.

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