He is the LUCKIEST man ALIVE! He doesn’t have a single scratch after a high speed crash!

When a meteor appeared over the skies of Russia last winter and exploded above the Central Urals in Russia, the world almost instantly became witness to an event that happens once every few hundred years, from many different angles, even immediately after it’s production.
And this is because most Russians own a car cam recorder. Most records were filmed with video devices installed in cars. The devices are becoming more popular in Russia, where they are used to resolve disputes relating to insurance in case of accident.
Russian drivers surprise us every day. Either it’s a funny crash or a meteor rain, the videos from the on board cameras are very interesting. In this case, unfortunately we deal with a motorcycle crash. Fortunately the rider is the LUCKIEST man on Earth! He survived in big style with not a single scratch. Watch the video and tell us who is to blame? The rider or the driver?

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