Her Gesture Made Millions Cry! “She Is Our Hope And Our Strength!” Heartbreaking Story

Meet Isabella, a 5 year old girl with the Down Syndrome. Down syndrome affects one in 800 births worldwide and according to the National Down Syndrome Society, this disease occurs when an individual has multiple copies of chromosome 21.Those who suffer from this syndrome have developmental disabilities and are slower, but, according to experts – “Every person is an special individual ” and symptoms vary from person to person. A person with Down syndrome can give love without asking anything in return and is unfamiliar with the notions of hatred, jealousy and greed.
Isabella is the perfect example for that. Grown ups give her strange looks and other kids make fun of her. But she doesn’t mind and says that people will understand one day, that people with Down are just like any other person. So she wrote a touching message that made her mother cry! ” One day she came home from school with that board, and told me that she wants to change the world. I started crying instantly, I love her more then anything in the world. So I decided to publish her picture on facebook, and it was a real success! It went viral! I hope people mentality will change one day!” Said Ann, Isabella’s mother.


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