Heroic dog tries to save master from fire

We all know that dogs are loyal and loving animals, being called man’s best friend. We also know that they love humans more than they love themselves and this dog is the perfect example for this. She became a hero after she tried to save her owner from a fire that broke out in the house. Firefighters say that they found owner Ben Ledford lying on the floor, while his dog, Carmen, was sitting on his face. Authorities believe that the animal tried to protect his master from the heavy smoke in order to save his life

“When firefighters arrived at Ben the dog was lying on his face to protect it,” told a neighbour. Unfortunately, the man didn’t make it after being taken to hospital, but the heroic dog managed to come out alive from the fire, and now fights for her life. With out any doubt, she is a hero, she felt that Ben needed help and tried to save his life.

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