Homeless Man Is Counting Change at Chick-fil-A When 3 Teenagers Drop Heavy Bags Under His Table

You can say a lot about someone by the way he or she treats homeless people. In a world that puts so much emphasize on money and social status, many people tend to forget that we’re all made from the same “dough.”
It’s easy to fall prey to misconceptions and disregard people living on the street as being addicts whom brought it upon themselves. It’s harder to actually look past that and see them for whom they are: people who need help. But it’s our power to do so, treat people better and just be kind to one another.
And the teenage boys in the video below are definitely an inspiration. What they did for a homeless man who was struggling to find enough money to pay for a meal at a fast food place is proof that simple gestures can actually make a huge difference.
The three young man not only paid for the man’s order but also bought him some gift cards so that he could come back there the next time he gets hungry. But they still didn’t feel like they did enough for him.
What they did next will put tears in your eyes!

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