Hospital demonstrates how to save a choking baby in just seconds

As a parent, there’s nothing worse than witnessing something life-threatening happening to your child, and not being able to do anything about it. It’s that feeling of helplessness that most parents experience in a situation where they see their own babies choke.
Although there are plenty of information sources nowadays that we can all access, it’s hard to know which information to trust, precisely because of its sheer volume. So it’s not uncommon for parents to just freeze when they notice babies are having a difficult time breathing because they’ve chocked on something.
More often than not, they have no idea what to do and how to help their babies. St. John Ambulance, an organization dedicated to teaching medical first aid, decided to do something to help out parents and released an informative video showing how to save a choking baby in just a matter of seconds.
The organization also revealed alarming statistics showing that 40% of all parents in the United States have witnessed their babies choke. This problem is more common than we think, so make sure to share this clip so that as many parents as possible get to see it.
This information might save a baby’s life sometime.

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