Hospital demonstrates how to save a choking baby in just seconds

If you’re a parent, then merely the thought of something bad happening to you baby is enough to share shivers down your spine. Babies are extremely vulnerable, especially in the first months of life. They don’t yet have the basic notion of danger, which means they don’t know how to protect themselves.
Their curious nature makes them want to put different things into their mouths as a way to find out more about them. This happens more often than you think. Still, most parents out there have no idea what they should do if they witnessed their babies chocking, and many parents admit that they would most likely panic in such a situation.
To help combat this issue, St. John Ambulance created an animated video that will walk you through all the steps you need to take if you ever witness a baby chocking. The explanations are straightforward and easy to remember, and you will learn some basic techniques that every parent out there should know.
Make sure to share this video so that more people find out about this possibly life-saving technique. It’s always better to be prepared for any type of situation that might occur when it comes to ensuring babies’ safety.

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