How to avoid an unpleasant request from Jimmy Kimmel ? Just watch Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is famous for a lot of things, with his incredible talent as an actor being among them. However, if there is one thing for which Morgan Freeman is best known for, that has to be his unique voice.
Over the years, his voice has made him one of the easiest to recognize actors in the world. You only need to hear him speak for a few seconds to instantly recognize Morgan Freeman by his voice.
So Jimmy Kimmel decided to challenge Freeman to a game that involved him showcasing his special voice in an entirely different way than most of us are probably used to. At first, the actor was a bit reluctant to the idea, but he finally agreed to do it. And we’re happy he did.
You see, Jimmy had this idea to interview Freeman while they were both sucking on helium balloons, and the result is downright hilarious.
While Jimmy’s voice completely transforms, the helium seems to have little effect on Morgan’s deep, powerful voice, which only makes things that much funnier.
If you want to see the entire chat between them two and get a good laugh in, make sure to check out the video below.

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