Hundreds Attend Funeral of Homeless Veteran with No Known Living Family

Nobody wants to think about a future in which they no longer exist, but if we were to think about that moment of transition when we step outside this world and hopefully enter a better one, most of us hope to have family and friends by our side, saying goodbye.
When the time comes, everybody deserves to have a proper funeral. Leave this world with decency and while being surrounded by love. Unfortunately, things are not always fair or as they should be in life.


Those who finish their lives at the fringe of society don’t get that chance to leave this world by having people by their side who love and respect whom they were. The unclaimed bodies of homeless veterans are often buried with no recognition, although those people have most likely helped made the country stronger and safer.
Most often than not, these people are buried alone.
World War II veteran Serina Vine was to be laid to rest at Quantico National Cemetery in Triangle, VA.  Just a handful of people were expected to attend the ceremony.
But then something incredible happened. Hundreds of strangers who have never meet the veteran wanted to help give the woman a proper burial.

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