Jimmy Dares Kevin Spacey To Imitate Famous Star, Doesn’t Expect Him To Nail It On 1st Try

As you probably already know by now, Jimmy Fallon’s famous “Wheel of Impressions” gives the biggest celebrities in Hollywood the opportunity to showcase their abilities as impersonators, and the results are typically extremely entertaining.
However, some celebs manage to stand out among the rest and deliver the kind of performances that will leave you open-mouthed.
Kevin Spacey is definitely one of them. The famous actor proved that he can pretty much nail any kind of impression on the spot. It’s no surprise that he is one of the most highly-praised actors in the industry right now.
His ability to replicate another actor’s facial expressions and body language is downright impressive. What’s more, Kevin Spacey is also excellent when it comes to mirroring another person’s accent and voice!
And he doesn’t even need to practice beforehand!
Everybody knows that Kevin Spacey is a man of many talents, but it’s unreal just how accurate he is when he gets into character. Even Jimmy Fallon was blown away by how good he is at this game! This is definitely a Wheel of Impressions performance that you do not want to miss.
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