His Job Is To Take Patients To Their Rooms, Captured Camera Footage Of Him Goes Viral

There are so many things that we often have no control of, like whether we get sick or not. Disease can strike us at any given moment, and before we know we it, we found ourselves in a hospital room, surrounded by nurses and doctors.
It’s a pretty scary and uncomfortable situation to be in, no matter how old you are. Nobody likes being in a hospital, but luckily, there are people like the kind man in the video below who go well beyond their job description to make patients feel as comfortable and as reassured as possible in those given circumstances.
At Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Lindon Beckford, is best known as the singing transporter. The man uses his warm voice and talent to put patients at ease. As he gets them to the operating room, Lindon sings to them to help them relax.
His voice is so soothing and it really helps people overcome their anxiety and go in that operating room with a positive mindset.
These are the kind of stories we should all share more often, so make sure to pass this clip along to all of your friends and family online!

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