She jumps through the air…What happens next? Most powerful thing I’ve seen in awhile.

Music sparks emotion, there’s no doubt about that. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics to a song because you may not be familiar with the language, a song can still touch you through his melody.
I know I’ve started crying listening to songs and had absolutely no idea what they were about. Or, on the contrary, there are certain songs that can instantly elevate your mood, and you don’t have to know the lyrics.
That emotion I’m talking about can further be enhanced through dance. The video below shows two beautiful dancers performing to Daughter’s song “Medicine.” The best way to describe their moves is art. They say so much through the way they move, and there’s no way you can watch this video and not be charged with emotions.
Here’s how the producers of this video describe the dance: “a love story that is tangled in addiction.” It’s a beautiful way of putting it, right?
Zack Benitez was the one who choreographed this amazing dance, and Charles Baldassarra is the amazing artist who directed the video.
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