Baby kangaroo loses her mom, refuses to let go of caretaker’s arms

For the first years of their lives, babies depend on their parents for basically everything. From food and shelter to affection, babies need someone who can provide them with the basic necessities
And that’s not only true for humans. Baby animals also rely on their parents, at least in the first months of living. They need their moms and dads to teach them about the environment and give them affection so that they can grow into strong individuals who can take care of themselves.
It’s heartbreaking to see baby animals who lose their parents and are left all alone in the world. Most of them don’t make it, but fortunately, there are many organizations who rescue baby animals and provide them with all the resources they need to get a good start at life.
The Kangaroo Sanctuary of Alice Springs in Central Australia is one of these organizations. As the name indicates, they rescue and help orphaned baby kangaroos who were either abandoned or whose parents have died.
Indi is one of the kangaroos they’ve rescued. This little guy got so attached to the sanctuary’s employees who look after him that he has made a habit out of giving them long, warm hugs. Check it out:

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