Kathie Lee Releases New Song, And It’s Putting Tears in Everyone’s Eyes

If you like watching television, then you definitely know Kathie Lee. She is one of the most beloved morning television hosts, and it’s something he’s done brilliantly for decades. But what not a lot of people know about her is that she is also a great singer.
Alongside her passion for television, Kathy has always loved making music and using her beautiful voice to entertain others. But she never did it publicly. Until now. Kathy’s debut song is a tear-jerking ballade called “He Saw Jesus,” an emotional song Kathy wrote in collaboration with country songwriter Brett James.
The song was inspired by Kathy’s late husband, Frank Gifford, a man she’s loved and cherished her entire life. When Frank passes away, Kathy was obviously heartbroken, but she decided to use music to get through this difficult moment in her life and channel all of the emotions she’s been experiencing.
This is a whole new side of Kathy Lee that we get to see, and it’s definitely one that we appreciate. Kathy hasn’t said if she will make more music albums in the future, but we would surely love it if that was the case. Who knew Kathy was such a gifted singer, right?


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