Kelly Clarkson Sings Haunting, Emotional Song On Idol and Keith Urban Breaks Down

Everybody knows Kelly Clarkson as the extremely talented young woman who was the first one to win American Idol. But what not many people know about her is that she didn’t exactly had an easy childhood.
After her parents got divorced, Kelly’s biological father abandoned her. She was only six-years-old back then, and as any kid would, she suffered deeply and couldn’t understand why daddy was no longer around.
Even into her adult life, this was a scar that never truly went away. In fact, her heartbreaking relationship with her father has inspired several of Kelly’s songs where she talks about what that abandonment meant to her and how it broke her as a person.
“Piece by Piece,” a song Kelly Clarkson sang when she returned on stage at American Idol touches once more on this painful memory. But it’s also a hopeful song that talks about forgiveness and the healing power of love. Her performance was a deeply touching one, with Kelly having to stop at times to gather herself as she shed tears.
Even the judges were shaken up by the song and could barely hold back the tears. True artists wear their hearts on their sleeves, and it’s definitely the case here. Take a look:

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