Kids Line Up Onstage. When They Turn Around, Girl In Red Dress Has Audience Rolling In Laughter

Some people are just born to be on stage and be in the spotlight. The little girl in the video below is definitely one of those people. She proved it during an elementary school dance recital for Christmas, and her performance is going viral online.
From the second the music started, the blonde little girl immediately stood out with her high-energy moves. As all the other kids were keeping their performance low-key, the girl stole the spotlight by dancing to her own beat.
Her mom had the camera rolling and was able to capture every single one of the girl’s unbelievable gestures on stage. Despite her young age, she is a natural on stage and is not afraid to express her true personality. Her excitement and enthusiasm to be the center of attention is more than obvious, and the audience seemed to love her as well.
The girl brought the house down and her energy is contagious. So far, the video has been watched more than six million times, and it’s really no surprise why!
There no doubt that this girl is meant to be on stage and entertain others. You need to see this!

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