This Little Boy and His Duck Are the Most Adorable Best Friends You’ll Ever See

They say dogs are a man’s best friends, but the duck in the video below sure gives dogs a run for their money.
Little Tyler and his best buddy, a duck named Bud Beaker, met when Tyler was just a baby and the duckling was only nine months old, and the two hit it off immediately. The two have been growing up together ever since and developed a unique friendship that is just too cute for words to describe.
In fact, Tyler’s first words was –you guessed it – duck. Looking at the adorable images below, it’s sure to say the two are a match made in cuteness heaven. Nowadays, Tyler and Beaker pretty much do everything together and never get tired of each other’s presence. The two play together, go on walks together, cuddle, and even sleep on the same bed from time to time.
Chances are their bond will only continue to grow stronger in the years to come. Their adorable friendship has gone viral, and it’s easy to see why people just can’t get enough of seeing footage and pictures that show their friendship in action.
Make sure you take a look too.

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