Little Girl Ask Blake Shelton About His Tattoo, His Reply Leaves Her In Fit Of Giggles

Claire Crosby is only five years old, but she is already an Internet sensation. Her journey to stardom started after her dad who is a musician decided to share a clip of Claire singing one of her favorite songs online. The video got so many views and was so well received online, that more clips showcasing Claire’s special voice followed.
And before she knew it, Claire was invited to be a part of some of the biggest and most famous shows in the world. In fact, the little girl even got a chance to be interviewed by Ellen. But, as you can see from the video below, Claire is now ready to assume the role of an interviewer herself.
Believe it or not, the little girl got a chance to sit down with all the four judges from The Voice and asked them all kinds of questions. By the end of it, Adam Levine said it was the best interview he’s ever given, and that’s a lot coming from a celebrity who was interviewed by many personalities, including Oprah.
Well, this is definitely one of the cutest interviews we’re ever seen! Take a look:

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