Little girl claims she can sing just like Whitney Houston, but nobody believed her. She proved them wrong

At 9-years-old, Angelica Hale stepped on the stage at famous talent show America’s Got Talent to perform “Rise Up” by Andra Day. She looked confident and excited, and managed to impress the judges and everyone else in the audience with her incredible voice and passion.
Five years ago, though, life was totally different for Angelica. In fact, her parents could never imagine that she would be able to do this. You see, when the girl was only 4-years-old, she was diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia. Her kidneys also stopped working, and doctors were extremely reserved as to whether Angelica will manage to make a full recovery.
Her parents were told to expect the worse, but Angelica proved she is a fighter. Her mom donated one of her kidneys to her, an operation that ultimately saved her life. Thanks to her mom, Angelica has a chance to fulfil her biggest dream, that of becoming a singer.
Her being able to overcome her medical problems and audition on America’s Got Talent is nothing short of a miracle. Take a look at her jaw-dropping performance and don’t forget to also share it with others who might enjoy it as well.

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