Little Girl Who Lost Her Limbs To Rare Disease Gets An Adorable Mini-Me Doll

Possibly not each and every young lady adores them, but rather a lot of young ladies grew up playing with dolls. On the off chance that you did, then you likewise had a top pick.

My most loved doll was my American Girl doll Molly. She had glasses and chestnut hair, much the same as me! It was before they began making dolls that looked like young ladies, so Molly was all that could possibly be needed for me.

Harmonie-Rose Allen cherishes dolls. In any case, there aren’t numerous dolls that seem as though her. Harmonie had meningitis when she was a child, and as a result of it, she lost her arms, legs, and some portion of her nose.

To brighten up their daughter, Harmonie’s folks amazed her with a smaller than normal me doll that looks simply like her — prosthetic legs what not! It is much the same as this family that amazed their little girl with a doll that had a prosthetic leg like hers.

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