Little Girl Sneaks Prince Harry’s Popcorn. His Snappy Comeback Has Internet in Laughter

We’re all used to seeing members of the British Royal Family acting all serious and in accordance with the important title they hold. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t also have a more laid back side to themselves.
Prince Harry showed a side to himself that he doesn’t put on display too often, and of course, the Internet enjoyed every second of it.
Images showing a little girl adorably stealing Prince Harry’s popcorn during this year’s edition of the Invictus Games are going viral – and it’s easy to see why.
With unparalleled skill, two-year-old Emily Henson managed to sneak the Prince’s popcorn from right under his nose, and it’s one of the most adorable things we’ve seen in a while. It took the Prince a while to figure out what Emily was up to because he was engaged in a conversation with a man sitting on his right.
But when he realized what was going on, he had the best reaction ever. After teasing her with a harmless joke, the Prince actually befriended the little girl and spend the rest of their time together at the famous sporting event laughing and making jokes.
You need to see this!

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