Local gas station displays hilarious message on its sign everyday – Whole town laughs out loud

In the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, there’s one pretty special gas station that decided to add some humor into its daily operation – and the result is going viral.
Many locals have to commute to work every day, so the employees who work at the gas station wanted to make their commute a little bit more interesting by displaying hilarious messages on the sign outside the gas station every day.
We don’t know how they manage to come up with a new funny message every single day, but one thing is for sure: there are some pretty creative people working at this gas station in Seattle. And the locals seem to love it.
In fact, the gas station has actually become somewhat of an iconic landmark in Seattle, and there are people who go out of their way just to see what hilarious messages they come up with next! I would definitely be curious to see how far they can stretch their creativity.
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