Man Begins Singing ‘The Prayer.’ But in Such a Unique Way, Everyone Starts Crying

Music is one of the greatest gifts we were given in this world. Whether you’re going through a difficult moment or you feel your heart is bursting with joy, you’ll always find a song that would serve as the perfect soundtrack.
We’re so lucky to have music in our lives, especially when it’s performed by talented singers like the man in the video below. Back in 2011, Marcelito Pomoy competed for the grand talent of Philippines’ most talented man. As part of Philippines’s Got Talent, Marcelito dazzled the judges with his gentle yet powerful voice.
At one point during the show, the young man sang a rendition of “The Prayer,” and it was for sure one of his best performances in the competition. As you know, this song is usually sung as a duet between a woman and a man, but Marcelito managed to make the song his own and gave it a new flavor.
If you’re a fan of the song as sang by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, then you probably have pretty high demands and expectations and know exactly how every note should sound. But we’re pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed by this.

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