Man Brings In Carved Cups To Have Appraised, Receives Valuation That Goes Down In History

Antique Roadshows is a show that brings together the best appraisers in the world with regular people wanting to get different objects they’ve inherited or found at garage sales and thrift store evaluated.
Sometimes, the people who bring in the objects have no idea that they are actually carrying around a small fortune with them. It’s the case of the man in the video below. The elderly man brought in several Chinese rhinoceros horn carved libation cups which he has been collecting since the early 1970s. It took the man decades to build his collection, but the result was well worth it.
The cups’ incredible aesthetic and the details on them immediately caught the eye of the stoic appraiser Lark E. Mason of Mason & Associates. Some of the pieces in the man’s collection were estimated to be 300 years old, and they were in almost mint condition. So how much do you think such an impressive collection is worth?
Well, if you want to find out, make sure to watch the video below. I’ll give you a hint; it’s probably a lot more than you think. I know I was totally blown away by the appraisal.

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