Man Finds Giant “Bubble” In His Yard. Pokes Stick In It And Captured Footage Goes Viral

How would you react if you stepped outside your home one day and saw a huge bubble that looked as if it was growing from somewhere underneath your lawn? Most people would most likely get a bit alarmed and go back inside to try and find someone online who could help them.
Well, not the man in the video below. James Callender was just too curious to wait around so he grabbed a poking stick and got to work right away. The man was dying to find out what was inside the giant bubble and release whatever was in there.
His guess was as good as yours. James had no idea whether he will come across a pile of snakes, some type if noxious gas or just dirt. But he was determined to find out as soon as possible.
Of course, before he started poking that huge bubble, he made sure that he would get everything on video. And now the result is going viral!
What do you think was trapped inside the bubble? Well, you’ll just have to watch the video below if you want to know for sure. Trust me; you’ll definitely be surprised! I never even knew such a thing can happen.

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